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How can we help you?

We handle support for Casablanca units old and new and can help answer your questions and address problems you may have. You can reach us from Mondays to Fridays, 9 - 5, via our number above or use the contact form button for out of hours enquiries. Our aim, when communicating with you, is to provide qualified information that is easy to understand as we are not into technical jargon at all. Besides providing fast support for your urgent problems, we are of course also open to hearing your suggestions. From your own experience as a user, you will probably have had some ideas on what could still be improved on our systems. We welcome all your suggestions and will make every effort to integrate them in the development of our products. We also handle Casablanca spares, repairs and upgrades for early models as well as the latest. Having dealt with these machines for many years and having had training at Macro System (Germany) we feel qualified to sort your problems out quickly and efficiently.We can also arrange pick-up and delivery so please phone (or e-mail using the contact form) for details or to get a quote or even if you just require advice.
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