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Join Chet Davis and his tips for Christmas using Bogart v8 and Arabesk v7 HERE

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Announcing the new Meteor & Meteor Pro - see machines page for details !

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The latest and greatest version of Bogart for Windows, v9.0a, is now with us. Keep an eye on the news page for more details of product specifications and update prices or go to the Software page to download v9.0a (or to obtain the free update of v8 to v8.5a, v7 to v7.8a or v6 to v6.10a). This latest version contains an Arabesk update, to v6.6, and a new version of Arabesk too, v7.1, for you to try or buy - check out the news page for more details.

Welome to our web site

Sister site

This site will deal mainly with Bogart for Windows machines and software. We will have links to download and try B4W and additional software and useful video links on how it all works as well as details on the series 4 machines.
Our Sister site, at Dalco, will cover not only B4W but all the Bogart and Smart Edit devices and software too including download links and help and advice.


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What we offer

We deal with service and software for the range of Casablanca video editors, from the Avio right up to the Bogart KARAT and now the new machines for Bogart for Windows. Based to the west of London we offer good coverage to the local M25, M4 and M40 areas, but can travel further if required. Due to the vast nature, and complexity, of some of the services that we offer this web site can never contain enough information, without getting over loaded, to cover all eventualities. So therefore please phone or use our contact form, to discuss any requirements that you think that we can help you with. It may be old fashioned in this techno era - but it works.
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We now have a range of purpose
built PC based machines
that should cover all
areas of use or price.

NEW - Saphir & Saphir Black, Meteor & Meteor Pro !

Details on the MACHINES page.

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